Programme Management

A programme is a strategic initiative that leads to development of the organisation. Programme management is a coordinated process, focused on effective management of a number of interrelated projects, that influence the accomplishment of the programme.
Depending on specifics and requirements of every enterprise, we form dedicated expert teams consisting of people with different specialities – therefore, the investor gains certainty that all projects are managed according to the plan and in compliance with current technical standards and legal regulations. The whole process is supervised by the Programme Manager, who ensures that all project teams are delivering services of the highest quality and their actions are smoothly and swiftly coordinated.

Key Success Factors:

● Constant coordination of all project teams;

● Implementation of appropriate procedures, ensuring efficient communication between all stakeholders;

● Establishment of the Single Point of Contact for all involved parties;

● Provision of comprehensive information, allowing effective decision-making process;

● Current monitoring of quality, budgets and schedules within all projects.


Jarosław Jurkowski

Członek Zarządu