Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligence is a research and analysis process in which a real estate is inspected to assess its technical condition and potential.
The aforementioned investigation results in providing the client with a comprehensive report, based on an analysis of the real estate’s technical condition and circumstances that may affect the development. In the case of built-up properties, the document also includes a list of technical defects along with estimated costs of required repairs and modernizations. Upon clients’ request, we conduct thorough and detailed TDD audits, which include assessments of: possibilities of development in accordance with legal regulations, suitability of the location and availability of infrastructure, underlying soil conditions together with identification of potential contamination, noise levels, design documentation in compliance with formal/legal requirements, and many other aspects. Our reports allow investors to assess the current state of the real estate, potential profitability of the investment, suitability of the estate for the planned exploitation purposes – all these facts may constitute a foundation for successful business negotiations.

Key Success Factors:

● Assessment of the technical state of the real estate and its investment potential;

● Verification of the legal status of the buildings and premises;

● Establishing all technical defects, construction flaws and operational deficits of the real estate;

● Estimation of repair and renovation costs.


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